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Stellar Office Services, LLC (SOS) is a boutique business specializing in virtual back office aspects for rehab therapy companies. Established in 2016 in SE Florida, we took on several different clients with services ranging from consultation, help manual creation, and software testing to administrative assistance to a philanthropist, and back office management for a rehab therapy company; all done "virtually" (without brink and mortar). After such a diverse start, the love of the medical billing and collections aspects for rehab therapy rose to the top and has now become the focus of SOS. As such, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your back office business needs and how we can make a valuable contribution to satisfy those needs, wherever you are in the United States. That is just one of the many benefits of obtaining the services of a virtual company like Stellar Office Services, LLC. Please complete the Contact (link to the contact page) form to get started!


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